Art Works

"Reversal", watercolor & copper leaf, $750

"Cruising Zen", acrylic on canvas, $1800

"Khmer Princess", acrylic on canvas, $1800

"Halo", watercolor, $750

"Generation+", watercolor, $650

"Neighborhood Watch", acrylic on canvas, $700

"Virtual Link", mixed media, $900

"All Rigged Out At The White Building", acrylic on canvas, $1500

"Safe and sound", watercolor, $600

"Welding The Jungle", watercolor and papercut, $700

"Sacred Space", Acrylic on canvas, $850,

"Silence Is Deadly", Mixed Media on Canvas, $1500

“Men Are Gold, Women Are Cloth” , $900, Sold

“Out of My Element” -120x180cm, $1890, Sold

"Feathers", Painting 1, Triptych, Oil on Canvas, Sold

"Petals", Painting 2, Triptych, Oil on Canvas, Sold

"Wings", Painting 3, Triptych, Oil on Canvas, Sold

"Tree of Life", 140cmx200cm, $2500

"River of Life", Ink, acrylic, 24K Gold Leaf on Raw Canvas

“Memories of Kirirom” - Ink and Acrylic on Raw Canvas 100x140cm

“Perseverance” - Acrylic on Unprimed Canvas 100x140cm

“Flights of Fancy” - Oil on Canvas 60x70cm

“Hydrangea?” - Oil on Canvas 100x100cm

“Oil and Water” - Oil on Canvas 60x75cm